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"When love hits, it always feels right"

Album - EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER  Artwork use.jpg


Debut Solo Album

"Nine songs three emotions"

The 9-track album is an exploration of emotions, from the exhilaration of happiness, overwhelming sadness, to the sensuality of sex and love.


“The writing and production is an extension of how I felt about my life at the time, and this album captures a musical snapshot of the things I thought, both the good and the dark. Each song was a way to release pain. In order to understand this album you need to listen to it as a whole project, only then you will understand the pain and happiness.” explains Kule T.


Taking inspiration from a diverse array of genres ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ is a culmination of exciting soundscapes and styles that shine a light on Kule T’s vocal range. 


"A part of my mind that was hard to control, so place it in my music"


About Me


Kule T has always been musically gifted. From a young age, he grew up in a musical loving home where he was exposed to Jazz, Soul, Classical, Reggae and Gospel music. At the age of ten, he began playing the drums in his local church and moved on to playing the guitar and bass guitar. 

Kule T